Andrew Lazarus Success in the Hospitality Industry

Although Andrew Lazarus might not be a renowned figure in the U.S., he is quite recognizable in Sydney, Australia, for his hospitality sector work. His iconic moves in the industry include purchasing multi-million-dollar properties and five-star hotels such as Hamilton’s Exchange Hotel and the prestigious Shoal Bay Country Club. Check out: Newcastle Council staff assists in refurbishing Andrew Lazarus beach […]

Tim Murawski: Augmedics Chief Commercial Officer and President Talks Innovation

I had the opportunity to speak with Tim Murawski, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics. In this article, we will learn more about his background in healthcare and how he became a leader in innovation for a company that is revolutionizing medical device technology. Business expert Tim Murawski is one of the most innovative minds in healthcare today.    […]

Why Dickey’s BBQ Is The Restaurant To Watch In The Near Future

The advent of coronavirus in late 2019 led to a devastating impact on many businesses globally. Almost all sectors were affected because of lockdowns and travel restrictions. One primary sector that was hit hard is the hospitality industry. According to National Restaurants Association, in the US alone, over 110,000 restaurants and eateries closed down either permanently or temporarily during the […]

CahFX You Number One Forex Training Academy

Are you wondering what the next step is if you are planning to venture into trading? CashFX is your number one solution as it offers Trading lessons to individuals who are passionate about trading like a pro. CashFX Trading Academy Pack’s main aim is to support millions of individuals who wish to have financial freedom, acquire knowledge, and get in […]

What Min-Liang Tan Said On recently published an article on Min-Liang Tan, the founder of Razer. The article speaks about his success in Silicon Valley and his new venture that will conquer the digital world. The young entrepreneur talked about how he could build a multi-million-dollar company from scratch at the age of 19 and what it is like starting up in Silicon Valley. […]