ZeroAvia on Automobiles Aircrafts

In 2020 ZeroAvia launched the development of 600kW powertrain 19 seat aircraft. They have achieved the first milestone in the HyFlyer II program, where the ground test involving the 600kW powertrain flight intent pulled the 15-ton Hyper Truck mobile. The mobile test ground was performed on a tarmac platform where the Hollister, California headquarters test was accomplished (Pitchbook).      […]

PosiGen in Providing Solar Solutions to Low and Middle-Income Earners

After the hurricane that led to Katrina’s devastation, the New Orleans people were seeking to rebuild their nation. They desired to enhance their homes by making them more efficient, better, and affordable. At this time, 16 distinct programs existed that assisted in rebuilding stronger; however, only the wealthy nationals could access these programs (Nola).   The poverty-stricken families and middle-income […]