Dr. Leen Kawas Explores Improving Clinical Trials, Acquiring Better Data

Dr. Leen Kawas rose to prominence thanks to her work in co-founding M3 Biotechnology (now Athira Pharma) and guiding its growth. As a scientist, with significant research experience, Dr. Kawas understands the importance of running efficient, accurate, and high-quality clinical trials. To improve clinical trials, Dr. Leen Kawas believes researchers must break the disconnect between scientists and other stakeholders. Check out: […]

Ryan Bishti Career Success

Ryan Bishti is the owner of The Cream Group, a hospitality company in London that specializes in corporate events and private banquets. A well-loved figure in the entertainment industry, Ryan has created an exciting concept that includes high-end catering, live music, and top-notch service. With the next generation of business owners looking to embrace technology and social media marketing as […]

 Marwan Kheireddine the AM Bank Chairman

Marwan Kheireddine has been the chief executive officer and chairman of AL-MAWARID Bank since 1992, a leading commercial bank operating outside Lebanon. He previously served as the Minister of State in the Lebanese Government from July 2011 to February 2014. As the Minister of State, Marwan served as an essential member in more than 20 committees, where he made crucial […]

How Dr. Alddo Molinar is Sourcing for Ideas to Improve the Healthcare Sector

According to Dr. Alddo Molinar, the progress of any industry depends on the ideas that are being generated and implemented in such sectors. This means that the old methods of handling various issues are consistently eliminated, and new methods are adopted in such businesses. There is no need for business entities to stick to a single operational strategy while at […]

Jason Hughes, CEO of the Largest Restaurant and Entertainment Group in North America

Jason Hughes is the CEO, Chairman, and owner of one of the largest restaurant and entertainment groups in North America. He has over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur. Jason Hughes specializes in turning around troubled companies through his leadership skills and business acumen. His company has been recognized with numerous awards for its creativity, consistency, innovation, quality service and […]

Andrew Lazarus Success in the Hospitality Industry

Although Andrew Lazarus might not be a renowned figure in the U.S., he is quite recognizable in Sydney, Australia, for his hospitality sector work. His iconic moves in the industry include purchasing multi-million-dollar properties and five-star hotels such as Hamilton’s Exchange Hotel and the prestigious Shoal Bay Country Club. Check out: Newcastle Council staff assists in refurbishing Andrew Lazarus beach […]

Tim Murawski: Augmedics Chief Commercial Officer and President Talks Innovation

I had the opportunity to speak with Tim Murawski, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics. In this article, we will learn more about his background in healthcare and how he became a leader in innovation for a company that is revolutionizing medical device technology. Business expert Tim Murawski is one of the most innovative minds in healthcare today.    […]