Andrew Frame Giving Incentives Through Foundation Of The Citizen App

There are tons of things that technology has aided in making life better. One of them is the availability of platforms that pass informative messages. to the public. Andrew Frame has kept his flame burning through invention of the Citizen App. A platform that became usable to the public in 2017. It is noble to note that he has taken a keen interest in ensuring that the users can confidently use 911 to ask for help from the relevant users.

Citizen App has been applicable in different places in the country, including New York.

Citizen App has focused on relying on important information, especially in mindedness of the community’s safety. That means those are experiencing hiccups. The users from the app can be signaled through notifications that pop in their phones. The widespread of the messages also rallies the appropriate measures to be taken, pivoted in keeping people safe.

Apart from being informed of their surroundings, Andrew Frame has ensured that users can upload videos of what is happening. A powerful idea that helps the citizen app users be empowered through different circumstances. It is also a pathway to finish any criminal activities taking over in a particular place. The safety of the community is the priority through the app.

Though the users can enjoy the free services he and his team are putting up advanced methods that will benefit clients. It means paying premiums, and they will gain more advanced information from consuming the given ads, among others. Additionally, Andrew Frame has also taken other broader steps in working with relevant individuals to guide him on different levels, especially when it is all about safety measures. The future is bright for Citizen App as it continues to provide solutions at various levels in society.

Andrew Frame has a broad base of knowledge in entrepreneurship. A journey he embarked on since he was young, he has worked in various companies providing insights and learning the ways of the business. The Founder of Citizen App has also received top awards in the industry for his excellent work. Refer to this article to learn more.


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