Andrew Frame’s Impressive Resume

By the age of 15, Andrew Frame had already started his first company. Frame joined Cisco Systems at the age of 17. While at Cisco, he worked as a support engineer. Andrew Frame earned his CCIE certification in his first year at Cisco, making him the youngest Cisco employee to obtain this technical certification.

Frame’s latest project revolves around his newly founded company Citizen App. He began thinking about the idea for Citizen while pondering about concepts for a new company. Citizen uses advanced global tracking technology and a network of people to keep users safe.

Andrew Frame behind the scenes

Creating a resume like Andrew Frames requires a certain amount of self-discipline and dedication. His daily schedule has changed slightly since the pandemic. Citizen App continues to allow its workers to work remotely, allowing Frames to remain in Los Angeles most of the time. The company remains on EST, requiring Frames to wake up earlier. This schedule change has been very pleasant for Frame.

He identifies as a morning person and waking up at dawn has increased his productivity. He begins his day with coffee, an exercise session and some podcast radio. Frame surrounds himself with intelligent team members who know how to prioritize. Frame and his team keep realistic goals to increase productivity. Attempting to divide resources towards an overabundant number of projects is counterproductive. See this article to learn more.

About Andrew Frame

Frames started his first company, an ISP in Nevada, at the age of 15 instead of finishing high school. He worked for Cisco Systems in 1997, a start-up router company and went on to found Ooma in 2004. Frame also created an online course for entrepreneurs through Stanford University. Andrew Frame launched the company Vigilante in 2016, after resigning as CEO for Ooma. In 2017 he switched his company’s name from vigilante to Citizen after some backlash.


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