Andrew Lazarus Success in the Hospitality Industry

Although Andrew Lazarus might not be a renowned figure in the U.S., he is quite recognizable in Sydney, Australia, for his hospitality sector work.

His iconic moves in the industry include purchasing multi-million-dollar properties and five-star hotels such as Hamilton’s Exchange Hotel and the prestigious Shoal Bay Country Club.

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Lazarus began working in the hospitality sector as a youth.

Over the years, he established himself as a business magnate by reviving old hotels and nightclubs in Sydney.

Later, he began buying and developing hotels, nightclubs, and other properties all over the city and surrounding areas.

The most notable works include successfully remodeling and flipping the Macquarie Hotel and Kings Cross Nightclub Soho.

In addition, he made headlines in 2018 after selling his eight-million-dollar luxury home in Vaucluse through an off-market transaction.


Over the years, Lazarus has also been involved in philanthropic activities in different parts of Australia and worldwide.

However, he has taken his charity efforts to another level approaches retirement.

His main goal is transforming the hotel and nightlife industry to increase access for other people of all walks of life.

Besides, he gives sizable donation amounts to charity works to empower people in the local communities.

Andrew Lazarus has often stressed the importance of charity to his fellow entrepreneurs because he believes that all business endeavors should make people proud of their communities.

He also says that is a way of showing kindness and humility, especially in leaders, even as they pursue their dreams. He is a temporary hotelier, business person, and leader by far.

He sets himself apart by striving to grow with those around him.

And he has made a name for himself through all these revolutionary attributes.

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