Can the Cryptocurrency make a Bull Market

Cryptocurrency seems to continue being a hot topic not only now, but well into the future, especially with the amount of highs this year alone. In fact, with its value exceeding $55,000 each, it seemed surreal. However, David Azzato took it all into account and what the possibilities could provide.

Is Money Being Made

Needless to say, a lot of money is being made through cryptocurrency. In reality, David Azzato keeps a lookout in order to answer that question, and he knows that people continue to make money. It is also good to know that the regular investors also continue to make money. With the continued pandemic, many investors can take this as an advantage because there is not much needed to invest with crypto so the opportunities are boundless.

Capital Distribution’s Purpose

How would a bull market look if one would occur with cryptocurrency? It is believed that two would actually take place simultaneously.

The main cause of this would be from the distribution of capital. When it comes down to it, the distribution of capital depends on the size of the capital. This will ultimately lead to the question of whether cryptocurrency would be able to manage thousands of daily transactions

.What it all boils down to is the realization that many assets have an increase in value due to the benefits they offer as well as being seen as such.

The Motivation behind a Bull Market

It is a fact that the next bull market may be caused by bitcoin. It is believed to be the best way to obtain financial relief post pandemic, however many may feel differently about its effects on the future.

It is believed by many, including David Azzato, that the cryptocurrency is perfect for financial relief and may have begun to believe that they can have a monetary system that is tradable with no concerns of inflation occurring.

Although it is a great alternative to currency, it does not mean it could be the only one of its kind, especially when the future is uncertain.

It is hard to say if cryptocurrency could be fully trusted, but the time looks right. Plus, as more interest is layed into it, many new ventures could be developed. Many new investors have begun to emerge who are unable to make any changes to the cryptocurrency. While a foundation is built from cryptocurrency, new possibilities could become reality. Read more: