Sparkasse Bank Malta Role in the Future of Logistics and Supply Chain

Sparkasse Bank Malta is a renowned bank in Malta. Since its establishment, it has brought significant changes in banking and finance. Its extensive reach to other related niches has transformed logistics and supply chain. It has headquarters in European Union, helping enterprises grow in the region. Some of its services include banking, depositary services, and investment. At the same time, […]

Wes Edens’ Steadfast Dedication to Transforming the Energy Sector

New Fortress Energy is intrigued with the prospects of acquiring Golar LNG Partners and Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. Wes Edens, Chief Executive Officer of NFE, presumes that the investment highlights significant contributions to his company. First, the investment highlights the scale of New Fortress Energy to carve a niche in Brazil as a leading gas-to-power company. Furthermore, the investment is […]