Georgette Mulheir – Her Global Humanitarian Contributions

Georgette Mulheir has made a mark as a global expert on protecting children and transforming care systems. She has worked in many countries as an advisor to the government, major donors, and the international community on transformative care. She advocated for the deinstitutionalization of children by recognizing the harm children face in orphanages. Georgette Mulheir pioneered a model aimed to […]

Trust in Jason Hope

Avid investor and famous internet entrepreneur, Jason Hope has proven to not only be well versed in future technologies, but well informed about the future of technology. Having been raised in the American southwest, Jason Hope grew up with traditional Phoenix values and earned his MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business in Tempe. Since that time, Hope […]

Vinod Gupta: A Businessman With a Mission

Revered throughout the business world, Vinod Gupta tells about how his philosophy is basic and mirrors the key concepts observed by effective altruism, with the title “Obligation Meets Opportunity: Vinod Gupta Philosophy of Philanthropy”. He is a personal and professional enthusiasm for access to education. Vinod Gupta is a wealthy businessman located in Omaha, Nebraska. Vinod Gupta is one of […]