Citizen App

Most of us than ever before have the urge to want to find out the real story of the happenings in our cities as we ensure our safety. When it comes to getting informed and staying safe. There is a need for something immediate. The Citizen App, is designed to bring forth access to substantial 911 information as we keep […]

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO Story In charity

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy is a successful entrepreneur, mentor and a philanthropist. The global leader has used his positive thinking abilities to transform lives. Terry believes in giving back through social and emotional intelligence, a secret many people haven’t discovered. Terry adds value in every area he invests. The investor, public speaker and thoughtful leader isn’t like any other […]

Andrew Frame’s Impressive Resume

By the age of 15, Andrew Frame had already started his first company. Frame joined Cisco Systems at the age of 17. While at Cisco, he worked as a support engineer. Andrew Frame earned his CCIE certification in his first year at Cisco, making him the youngest Cisco employee to obtain this technical certification. Frame’s latest project revolves around his […]