Georgette Mulheir – Her Global Humanitarian Contributions

Georgette Mulheir has made a mark as a global expert on protecting children and transforming care systems. She has worked in many countries as an advisor to the government, major donors, and the international community on transformative care. She advocated for the deinstitutionalization of children by recognizing the harm children face in orphanages. Georgette Mulheir pioneered a model aimed to achieve the latter used by many governments across the world. She worked in Sudan with UNICEF to develop a system to take care of babies left on the streets of Khartoum. 


Single mothers in the region would do this in fear of being punished for breaking the Sharia Law. Her work resulted in the decriminalization of being a single mother in the country. This led to the saving of the lives of more than 10000 babies. She was among the 30 most influential social workers named by the US website Social Work Degree Guide. The global activist Georgette Mulheir also received the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award, and her work received the Charity of the Year Award. She has authored four books on children’s and women’s rights.


She founded her organization, Defend Haiti’s Democracy, in 2021. The organization aims to end the violence occurring in Haiti, by pressuring the Haitian Authorities to end the abuse of human rights. The organization advocates for the peaceful transition of Haiti to democracy and stability by establishing a transitional government (Voice-online). 

This government, Georgette Mulheir says, will be for a limited time as the people of Haiti prepare for democratic elections. The international community should offer transitional government support to restore peace. The organization is calling for the Haitian society representatives to unite and develop a process to restore democracy. This process according to Georgette Mulheir should aim to build trust among the people of Haiti and prioritize the primary concerns of the people. It should address poverty, lack of access to justice, and violence. Georgette Mulheir has helped save millions of children by advocating for reforms across the world to protect them. Her humanitarian works and multiple awards speak on the impact she has made globally.