Larry Baer: The Man Spearheading SF Giants To Great Heights

Larry Baer, the SF Giants CEO has had a long and storied career in business. In 1992, he worked closely with one of his mentors and long-time friends, Peter Magowan, to orchestrate the Giants’ return to San Francisco, which enabled him to play a key role in securing the team’s Major League Baseball license, which ultimately contributed to the team’s creation of the Giants Community Fund. Over the past two decades, Larry has built a reputation for creativity, tenacity and an ability to strike great deals.

The Giants CEO’s insights and vision have had an immeasurable impact on the club’s front office and he has been instrumental in a host of innovative and highly successful ventures over his career. As the Giants CEO, Larry leads a staff of 130 across every aspect of operations, including finance, baseball, Larry Baer’s vision for the future of sports includes all participants in the business of sports and of sport itself. He says, “I am inspired by business leaders and sports professionals who embrace the beauty and power of sports to bring people together to do good.”

For Baer, sports create a pathway to “harness the potential of people to create positive change” and grow a community and a nation. He believes that “sports creates ‘win-win’ solutions and solutions that address challenges and share in the prosperity of people.” For the San Francisco Giants CEO, sport can change the world. Baer’s professional career is distinguished by impressive achievements, including the successful negotiation of the landmark Major League Baseball-MLB Players’ Association Joint Labor Management Agreement (JLMA) of 1994.

Larry Baer has reputation as a forward thinker.

What are some of your thoughts about the future of the game of baseball and where the game can be taken in the next 5 years? Larry: What I’m really focused on is growing the audience. In the Bay Area, people are watching all the sports on television. I think they’re catching up to a lot of the regional sports networks.

There have been some defining moments in my time at the Giants – defining as much for the organization and its fans, as they are for me individually. ” Larry Baer has been an essential part of the Giants franchise for more than two decades,” said his colleague. “I am excited that he will be our next president and CEO. Visit this page on LinkedIn, to learn more.


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