Legal Services Offered by Dean Omar Branham Shirley




The law office of Dean Omar Branham Shirley focuses on a variety of cases in which a client has been seriously injured. These instances involve one person who has caused substantial injury to another through carelessness, and where litigation might have a beneficial influence on the lives of those afflicted. Such cases include:


This is a cancer connected to the usage of asbestos-containing items such as roofing materials, pipe insulation, and gaskets, among other things. Asbestos, while not the only causal agent, might be the main cause, and in such a case, legal counsel should be sought to assess whether you are due for compensation.

Product liability

It refers to situations in which you were injured by a product you purchased, and the corporation that manufactured the goods might be held accountable for compensation.

Catastrophic Injury


In a case whereby you are a survivor or a new caregiver due to grievous events that were not your fault, the law office of Dean Omar Branham Shirley can assist you to garner financial support.

Unpaid wages

The organization also resolves all wage-related complaints, such as underpayment, failure to pay for services rendered, and late payments, among other things.

Shareholder liability

When corporations fail to behave in the company’s, shareholders’, or partners’ best interests, the firm can help the affected investors to receive compensation.

Consumer class action

This involves all cases relating to false advertising by a company, under such circumstances, Dean Omar’s legal services can assist you in obtaining compensation.