PosiGen in Providing Solar Solutions to Low and Middle-Income Earners

After the hurricane that led to Katrina’s devastation, the New Orleans people were seeking to rebuild their nation. They desired to enhance their homes by making them more efficient, better, and affordable. At this time, 16 distinct programs existed that assisted in rebuilding stronger; however, only the wealthy nationals could access these programs (Nola).


The poverty-stricken families and middle-income earners could hardly afford these home enhancements. Thus, they were at a very much disadvantage than the wealthier families. As a result, the founders of PosiGen solar power company noted these differences and sought to establish ways of helping these disadvantaged families. Therefore, they decided to provide low-income earners with solar power. PosiGen founders decided to sell their solar energy differently from the other companies. Their sales were based on savings. Thus, their goal was to forgo the installation process if a customer could not save money through their solar. They attributed this act to their focus on customers, not just making money. 


Their method swiftly proved its efficiency and began making people’s lives better, particularly the low-income earners. Currently, PosiGen’s team consists of passionate individuals committed to making a difference in people’s homes. At this corporation, solar energy effectiveness and efficiency are the core values. Additionally, PosiGen’s mission is to ensure that they make a difference in the communities around the globe by ensuring that low and moderate-income families can easily access efficient, affordable solar. Its primary goals are to positively impact the homes they serve, create job opportunities, support growth among low-income earners and people of color, and make a difference in the environment.

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