Richard DeVaul And The Death of Innovation

Richard DeVaul wants to change the way we look at the word innovation. As one of the best-known innovators on the planet, DeVaul is hoping his experience of the sector will provide the spark needed for change.

He is a MIT Media Lab graduate, who is known as an innovation consultant for the world’s leading business leaders. The problem for Richard DeVaul is the word, innovation, has become an overused buzzword without impact. Addressing this issue is a part of the career of DeVaul as he continues to work to innovate in the technology sector.

The word, innovation, has become a buzzword used by politicians without any idea of its meaning. Richard DeVaul believes there is a misunderstanding of how innovation takes place. In his own work, Richard DeVaul has used innovation as a way of changing the attitude of business leaders towards their work. The misunderstanding of innovation includes the feeling of creation.

Richard DeVaul explains the majority of business leaders confuse innovation with the creation of new technologies. DeVaul reports the completion of innovative techniques begins with the destruction of an existing format. See this article for additional information

Richard DeVaul has spent his career trying to break down the existing structures of the companies he works with. Breaking down and eliminating the existing formats used by a company is the first step towards real innovation. For Richard DeVaul, politicians and business leaders are usually discussing expanding on existing technologies when the tired innovation buzzword is used. Making the distinction is important if innovative professionals are not to be tarred with the brush of buzzwords.

DeVaul is an innovator who drives himself to work in several industries and business sectors. The MIT Media Lab graduate made his name with the development of a new programming language and through his work with Google.


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