Tim Murawski: Augmedics Chief Commercial Officer and President Talks Innovation

I had the opportunity to speak with Tim Murawski, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics. In this article, we will learn more about his background in healthcare and how he became a leader in innovation for a company that is revolutionizing medical device technology. Business expert Tim Murawski is one of the most innovative minds in healthcare today. 


He has worked tirelessly to find new ways to address some of the most pressing issues facing our industry; specifically, how do we create better solutions for prevention and treatment? Tim Murawski´s dedication to finding answers has led him on an incredible journey. From working with startups like Medtronic as their Vice President, Medical Device Innovations (he helped introduce insulin pumps into clinical practice) to joining Johnson & Johnson as Vice President. 


Tim Murawski also worked with Global Clinical Development, where he managed a $500 million portfolio of cardiovascular products. Tim is now the Chief Commercial Officer and President at Augmedics, one of today’s most exciting medical device companies. As Tim Murawski states, the company’s unique technology allows physicians to detect vascular disease through retinal scanning using artificial intelligence (AI). This is a monumental step forward in diagnosing and treating vascular diseases, which are responsible for millions of deaths every year.

What makes Tim Murawski so successful is his ability to see beyond the status quo. He understands that healthcare is constantly evolving and needs to find new ways to solve old problems. This mindset has led him to become a leader in innovation, and his work at Augmedics is sure to change the face of healthcare as we know it.