Trust in Jason Hope

Avid investor and famous internet entrepreneur, Jason Hope has proven to not only be well versed in future technologies, but well informed about the future of technology. Having been raised in the American southwest, Jason Hope grew up with traditional Phoenix values and earned his MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business in Tempe. Since that time, Hope has become a respected investor in the technologies that he considers visionary.


Jason Hope


Activist investor, entrepreneur Jason Hope works tirelessly for his favorite charities but two of the technologies garnering a lot of attention with Jason Hope is the Internet of Things, and Sens Research Foundations revolutionary anti-aging technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept that all electronics, both handheld devices and smart appliances will be connected via the internet and be integrated to work together along a network. By doing this, Jason Hope explains, the IoTs creates a more efficient environment for the customer whether it is implemented at work or home. 


Even though smart technologies have assumed large swaths of our calendar already, and smart devices have become part of everyday appliances, Jason Hope believes that it will continue to grow until all electrical devices are part of this new system. Finally, he points out, through biotechnological rejuvenation, the SENS Research Foundation in Mountain View, California, not only caught his attention but was the beneficiary of a sizable donation. Jason Hope has continued his participation for the foundation despite many reactions within the philanthropic world. Jason Hope has championed their cause due to his steadfast belief in their mission.