Vital Facts You Should Know About IM Academy

The IM Academy is an online institution that deals with digital educational resources and services. It focuses on equipping its trainees with skills and knowledge in FOREX via live interactive content. The latter gets more support from a collection of the app and pre-recorded content.

The Growth of The IM Academy

The firm’s founders are Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. IM Academy was birthed in New York in 2013 to provide training opportunities to learners on a subscription basis. Its goal was to help learners to enjoy interactive and accessible training and, in the process, acquire knowledge and skills necessary for their own trading. Today, the institution enjoys a client base of about 225000 active users and subscribers of its goods and services.

The organization, over the years, insisted on remote working for its employees. The strategy brings along multiple benefits, one of them being cost-effectiveness. With most employees working from home, the IM Academy significantly cuts on its real estate costs. The strategy is also responsible for its global talent as its hiring process is not based on any geographical limitations.

Any excellent human resources personnel can work for the firm regardless of their location as long as they qualify. Another significant benefit of telecommuting for the firm is that it has encountered minimal disruptions associated with COVID-19. As most organizations were learning to adopt the new norm (remote working), the Academy’s operations kept running uninterrupted.

Products and Services

The firm provides its products and services in four major categories:

  • FRX
  • HFX
  • DCX
  • ECX

You can purchase the subscription for the above packages from the company’s website. Besides, there is a cheaper and convenient option known as the Elite, a combo of DCX, FRX, and HFX. The Elite package is discounted at 54% for the first subscription and 48% for the subsequent ones. Visit this page to learn more.


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