ZeroAvia on Automobiles Aircrafts

In 2020 ZeroAvia launched the development of 600kW powertrain 19 seat aircraft. They have achieved the first milestone in the HyFlyer II program, where the ground test involving the 600kW powertrain flight intent pulled the 15-ton Hyper Truck mobile. The mobile test ground was performed on a tarmac platform where the Hollister, California headquarters test was accomplished (Pitchbook). 




The Hyper Truck used was initially developed for heavy-duty military trucks and sized for 200 2MW powertrains. However, such specifications are well designed to test 40-80 seat hydrogen electric-powered aircraft; thus, the capacity can test even bigger aircraft from ZeroAvia aviation company. Once the ground tests the propulsion of the 600kW, the system will support the development of the company HyFlyer II program. In the long run, it will deliver a zero-emission propulsion system, which will give hydrogen electricity well designed for 10-20seats size. According to ZeroAvia CEO and the founder Val Miftakhov, the testing is essential in setting the next primary goal they bring about to implement. The testing will get help both in the US and the UK, depending on the Do228 base prototypes. 


He congratulates the team of experts who worked very diligently in developing the system. The first milestone in testing the flights of HyFlyer II 228 Dornier aircraft in the testbed is expected to happen by the end of the year at the ZeroAvia UK Kemble facility. The Hollister testing will get more significant since it will set milestones for the new Hyper Truck testbed. The ZeroAvia 600kW will form the operation in the next generation control system. In addition, they have announced the procurement of two Dornier 228 aircraft used for the next phase of 19 set programs. In March 2021, they launched a 2MW electric hydrogen powertrain, which got a full-size regional craft. Finally, they completed their first commercial hydrogen-electric flight in September 2020.

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